Jack Cheung

Hi there! I’m Jack, and I’ve found my calling in life as a personal trainer, focusing especially on helping mature folks regain their mobility and strength. My passion? It’s pretty simple – making sure you can live your life to the fullest, every single day.

Why I am a Personal Trainer:

You know that feeling when you learn something new and it just clicks? That’s how I feel about personal training. I get a buzz from not just expanding my own knowledge but from sharing what I’ve learned with you. It’s about finding those little tweaks in your movement or giving you that bit of advice that transforms your day or even your life. If I can make a difference by sharing what I know, why wouldn’t I?

What Makes Me Happy in My Work:

Seeing someone do something today that they couldn’t do yesterday is incredible. Whether it’s being able to play with your children without feeling out of breath or waking up without those all-too-familiar aches and pains, it’s these victories, big and small, that keep me going. There’s nothing like the smile on someone’s face when they realise they’re stronger and more capable than they thought. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

How My Clients Describe Me:

My clients say I’ve got a knack for making the hard stuff fun and challenging without it feeling like too much to handle. They appreciate that I pay attention to what’s tough for them and find creative ways to help them get past those hurdles. It’s not just about sweating it out; it’s about feeling good and seeing progress. I’ve been told that working with me, there’s no fear of struggling or not being good enough – just the excitement of moving forward step by step.

A Bit More About Me:

Working with senior adults is something I’m really passionate about. It’s not just exercise; it’s about enabling a quality of life everyone deserves, no matter their age. My goal? To help you become a completely different version of yourself through training. I want to see you gain the confidence to take on everyday activities with a newfound strength and to live each day without limitations.

Feeling up for a challenge? I promise it’ll be fun and rewarding. I’m all about ensuring you find satisfaction in your journey and celebrating your progress. Remember, it’s about enjoying the ride, not just rushing to the destination.

Looking forward to getting to know you and sharing in your adventure. Here’s to moving forward together.

Portrait of Jack Cheung, personal trainer at Movement Fitness

Jack Cheung