about us

Why We Move

Movement is Life – a journey of exploring, learning, experimenting, seeking and growing. We are Movement, a wellness company that brings inspiration and education for a healthier life.

Our Mission

More than just a gym – Our purpose is to empower you with the skills and knowledge to live life to the fullest. Achieve sustainable health through movement, nutrition and mindfulness.

Our Passion

We believe that everyone has the Power within themselves to grow. We have Passion to learn and passion for change – our People have over a decade of combined experience.

Operating with Integrity

We are committed in transforming our promise of change into a reality.

Wellness Innovation

Innovation drives continued growth – We listen, learn, proactively seek new ideas and technology in order to make a difference. We challenge ourselves to be a leader for change to ensure we never stop improving and growing with you.

Power to you

Empowering you and our people with the tools and support to strive for progress and exceed expectations.


It represent the commitment and respect we have for ourselves and for one another. As we endeavour to make a difference as individuals – as a community, we are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Come Move with Us

Come enjoy a secure and inviting space. Designed for your safety as you move, protecting your health for the future. A welcoming environment for you to express yourself.

A safe space that encourages you to have the freedom and confidence to grow your body and mind.