Movement Fitness HK 19 High Street
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our concept

Beyond a gym, a lifestyle

Life is a journey of exploring, learning, experimenting, seeking and growing.

At Movement fitness, our mission is to support, educate and bring health awareness to our community so that you may achieve sustainable health through movement, nutrition and mindfulness.

our services

How We Move

A holistic and sustainable approach to a healthier lifestyle through movement, nutrition and mindfulness.

We Listen

Consultation and Assessment: We identify your goals and aspirations in order to understand the challenges we want to overcome.

We Plan

Nutrition and Program: We map out every stage your wellness journey that’s unique to your individual needs and lifestyle.

We Move

Training: We educate you in your movements and coach you to becoming more physically independent and skilled.

We Support

Long term relationship and sustainable change: We move with you every single step of the way.

our space

move with us

Movement fitness is a secure and inviting space. Designed for your safety as you move, protecting your health for the future. A welcoming environment for you to express yourself.

A comfortable space that encourages you to have the freedom and confidence to grow your body and mind.